never beg or borrow

by Scott Michael Teed

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Some beautiful music made under the false pretense of redemption, while in reality some of us are not meant for redemption, When our own self deceives us it is merely choice, and some, mainly one, could never look upon himself with the eyes to believe he could ever have fallen or acted in a manner which would be at odds with the persona he so desperately clings to, let alone to the point of asking from anyone, and of course never demanding from himself the action which would require such redemption, nay this confused beast will resort to the very deeds which put his loyalty, friendship, and honor in question in the first place, while accusing all around him of their betrayal, well old foe, you cannot betray that which you do not covet, respect, or hold dear, Punk ass white boy. We have never been Ka-tet, we have opposite goals on this earth and this is where Ka's winds will blow us away. Forever. You have never known the face of your father, You adopt and covet evil, and if we meet again I would hope you would look away, but know that you will look be it, confused one but you will never actually be ready, until then.


released February 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Katet Minneapolis, Minnesota

Trailer bred


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Track Name: Be Kind.mp3
Am I supposed to keep up this pace, everything moving so fast these days is there nothing left that's worth the wait? We all race to next place we hate, they're stealing food from our children's plate. only to inflate their greed and hate,...Good thing that JESUS exhonerates???.........One thing or another, smoke weed with each other, try with one another, to give the benefit of the doubt, have faith in yourself and know your smart enough to figure this out, you need not carry this about. See your path and stay true to your out. Don't make me have to shout, I'm going to let it all out I'm going to let it all out. Looking for a finish line, the harder I run the faster I fall behind my heart is beating to fast I cannot slow it in time, my mellow soul is caught inside the busiest time, but not inside the music that's mine so one more time I'm gonna put this track in rewind, So one more time I'm gonna push this track and rewind, I'm gonna put this track in rewind, I need to hear it at least one more time turn around and push this track and rewind.
Track Name: tHe CunTree SawNg.mp3
Its times like these that i stop and think I've heard this before I'm feeling that I'm in sync, and right with the world just like the day that i met the girl feeling this way. Like I've known all along just like a memory, that we belong just like this melody. Because the vest ones seems like you've always known, that they were here just needed to be shown. It's been waiting for me to pick up my pen and write down these words and play my guitar and sing you this verse now its the time that i say goodbye that i say goodbye. I might of made you laugh oh I might have made you cry. Maybe I might have you wondering why seems like you heard this before maybe in a dream if you open your eyes it's not always as it seems. sometimes i wonder if it's, if it's the universe that opens up and washes way all the hurt and just for a moment you look around and see that it's the goodness in you that your seeing in me and right then you know that this was meant to be and everything changes suddenly you believe that the best ones you've always known because the best ones are those you call your own because the best ones seems like youve always known yes the best ones you have always known.
Track Name: Goodnyte.mp3
Goodnyte Goodnyte to my one and only goodnyte theres no pain its all right into darkness say goodbye you were the one the only one id abide
Now I try oh i try to be at peace its only a lie and i need to survive but in my heart not really alive
when im alone i just cry and i cry
cause you met a boy and made him a man now im trying to understand how to walk through this land without you holding my hand
no matter where its you and me in the end
so goodnyte goodnyte to my one and only goodnye theres no pain its all right into darkness say goodbye you were the one the only one id abide
Ill carry you on for the rest of my life
goodnyte sweetheart goodnyte