Stars bear witness to my birth

by Scott Michael Teed

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released June 16, 2013




all rights reserved


Katet Minneapolis, Minnesota

Trailer bred


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Track Name: Now I KNow.mp3
Slippin out of my skin and I'll undo you try yours on awhile. Catching you I will break you down feel me all around your defenses down. All this time i thought i had this under control, now I just dont know but I know I can feel it your going so slow with me out of control, let it go let it go because fighting this is only gonna make you want it more, cant remember how we wound up on the floor,but I know yes I know, I could never behave as I could have before, an addiction a lifetime of wanting you more if i cant have you couldnt bear it because now I know now i know, leaving me fucked up I'm drunk with this drink in some more now i know always know what I didnt know before and letting me know was so cold babe thats cold knowing ill hold you with me through until i am old, but your hearts been sold babe thats cold. if you go if you go just remember that Ill feel your sting forever more....forever more
Track Name: salvation.mp3
A welcome hurt, goodbyes remind of her, though I'm ready now I'm sure, when I cross lines will blur. Grief is only of the earth. Stars bear witness to my birth. When the flesh grows cold and I weep for those, that are left here alone, all alone. Know your sadness is your own. Cry not for I'm going home. All the pain let's go, and I will never be alone, when my soul leaves the bone, and my daughter I will hold. Salvation is a road, we all walk down alone, for the last time because I'm going home. Cry not for me Im going home. Cry not for me I'm coming home
Track Name: The one's I love.mp3
I know I can be a hard pill to swallow, if you give me your love. And I;m sure I'll cause pain grief or sorrow, probly all the above. But hey kid you know I'm the only fellow that can fill you up, that can never get enough, no I cant. You'll never have to beg or borrow this world is hard enough, this place can be so rough. Trust me enough to follow, our path will have no ruts, no we wont walk we strut our stuff yeah were gonna strut our stuff. And I wonder how I can hold it, how I can hold it all, my man, woman, my sons and daughters, love I have for yall, I could never give it all. That dont mean that I cant die trying, nothing else is all, my heart is fucking golden you could never turn it down, in this hard world you were chosen.... the ones I love. The ones I love.