The Space Between

by Scott Michael Teed

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Every creative period is followed by respite until the time comes where you cannot contain and must release this album represents the space between. Between the details, between the sheets, between the lives, and especially the space between the notes where the music finds itself and becomes Alive.


released June 22, 1978

Scott Teed worked independently on the creation of The Space Beteeen



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Katet Minneapolis, Minnesota

Trailer bred


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Track Name: In my Bones.mp3
I feel my bones when its cold Im not that old but I've been told to slow my roll and let it go sometimes i feel your asking me to fold. Like to believe that I can understand what i;m doing here and how to be a man why she had to go and I had to stay wonder if it all had to be this way. five years gone and it still feels the same just a little fewer and far between trying to make a change doing the same thing goes that could be why sometimes i feel insane so here I go once again writing songs from where I've been so i can let it go you know i let it go as i hold everything so close.

am i here again sometimes i feel so small god help me i never ask at all cut down to size when i appear so tall thought i let it go i never did coming real fast my backs against the wall dodger and a ducker i avoid my turn feel the strings pulling me to crash and burn been going so strong will be a glorious site when i explode it will light up the night thats not right could be a mistake slowing down i hope its not too late slam on the brakes and try to escape slam on the brakes and try to escape

I feel my bones when its cold I'm not that old but I've been told to slow my roll and let it go you gotta let it go